Language is powerful: understand how it works

You can't change what you can't see. We analyse patterns in everyday language to show the unspoken assumptions and unwritten rules that affect your business.

“It was incredibly energising for the organisation. It was lovely to see people go ‘Oh, yeah!’ in a totally non-defensive way"

Diagnose your culture

People can't tell you about culture - it's formed of rules and norms that everyone follows, but which are never spoken. When you're inside a group, culture is too familiar to see. Analysing language is a powerful and objective way to make outdated or unhelpful rules conscious, so you can challenge what's holding you back.

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Customers v2
“You helped us see our silent assumptions about customers”

Understand your customers

You listen to your customers, but it's hard to escape your own frames of reference - and these filter and distort what you actually hear. Language analysis provides an objective way to compare the assumptions and frames of reference held by your organisation and by your customers - and to properly get inside their worlds.

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"It was really gave the organisation a really distinct voice and allowed us to create change"

Map your market context

You operate in a broad cultural landscape: unquestioned 'truths' shape how effective your brand and communications can be. We use forensic language analysis to show the ideas and assumptions out there in your cultural and competitive environment, creating a road map to help you navigate or even change those truths.

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