Culture change

Everyone knows culture is important to the success of an organisation. But we also all know how hard it is to change 'how things are done around here'.

We use forensic analysis of your internal everyday language to create an objective, evidence-based reading of your culture, and provide guidance about how to realign it with your strategy.

"As a way of capturing how an organisation feels, I think it does play back to you in Technicolor, what the organisation is experiencing from lots of different angles, I think that’s very powerful. It’s not just a one dimensional experience ... you get a rich picture"
CEO, UK Government Department

What is culture?

Organisations and people are complex, but cultural habits and rules of thumb are often simple. Culture isn’t what is dictated from above, but is made and sustained every day, by everyone. It comes down to established habits and shared - but unspoken - beliefs and rules of thumb.

Language reveals culture

Everyday language both reflects and sustains a shared culture – so analysing language carefully will point to what's being taken for granted and NOT said. It points to the shared beliefs and rules of thumb in play that are affecting how your people and your business work. It often explains what's been getting in the way of real change.

What then?

Is your current culture serving you well? We'll then consider the findings with you in the light of your current strategy. What remains essential and positive – and could even be amplified? And what would now benefit from being challenged or evolved?