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What we do

We analyse language patterns to solve business problems

How we help


Language is data

There's hidden value and insight in the language used by customers, by organisations, and out there in the wider world. We turn everyday language - usually unnoticed, unmanaged and unconscious - into rich and meaningful data. Then we analyse it closely to release that value and insight - which is often fresh and surprising but always useful.


Patterns are powerful

We apply linguistics and discourse analysis to free text data of all kinds, to create practical solutions for organisations. We're interested in the very structure of the language people use. Hard-to-see patterns point to hidden ideas and assumptions, and can help solve practical puzzles and problems for businesses and organisations.

Awareness 3

Awareness gives choice

If you can't see the hidden frames of reference used by your customers, or the unspoken rules that dictate how people in your company behave, you're at a disadvantage. Once you're aware of those things, you can consider what you do next: your choice is restored, and new options are opened up.